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In 2023, Emiliana gained international accreditation for regenerative organic agriculture to join other global companies committed to the fight against climate change. (ROC®) represents the highest standard of sustainable agriculture in the world, pursuing healthy soils, animal welfare and dignity for workers. To apply for ROC certification, a company must first have Organic and Fair-Trade certification.

Sustainability Manager Sebastian Tramon states, ‘At Emiliana we believe that the commitments to sustainability must be certified. What we do is real and to strict standards in an ongoing commitment to organic agriculture acquired 25 years ago. We are the biggest organic winery on the planet to have this certification, allowing us to focus on what is really important relating to soil management, how people are treated and the conditions in which the collaborators participate.’

Novas Gran Reserva Pinot Noir

Your new go-to Pinot? Lushly elegant, exuding a warm earthiness and attractive hints of cedar and spice. Smooth tannins and a generously fruity finish leave you satisfied.
VARIETAL | Pinot Noir
VINTAGE | 2020
VOLUME | 750ml
WAS $28.99
NOW $19.99
CASE/12 $16.99 ea.
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Adobe Cabernet

A fresh and fruity nose, notes of cherry mixing with subtle smoky tones. Boasting silky tannins, this is a juicy, smooth and balanced wine that's expressive and fragrant.
VARIETAL | Cabernet
VINTAGE | 2020
VOLUME | 750ml
WAS $21.99
NOW $15.99
CASE/12 $12.99 ea.
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Auckland Stores with Stock: (* = low stock) Victoria Park Jervois Rd Ponsonby Grey Lynn Dominion Rd Mt Eden Village* Bassett Rd Parnell Takapuna Devonport Kingsland Westmere* Ellerslie Khyber Pass; Warehouse
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Emiliana are the gold standard for biodynamic and organic winemaking in Chile. Indeed, with their all-encompassing ecological and social strategies around terroir and their workers, they are an example to the world of how things can be done.

Located in Chile’s Casablanca Valley, this singular winery has enthusiastically embraced the organic and biodynamic way of winemaking. They employ a comprehensive interlocking system that involves the creation of balanced vineyard ecosystems, within which a host of animals, insects and plants play a part in the maintenance of vineyard balance, acting as natural pesticides, weed killers and compost producers. 100% of the organic waste produced is used in the production of compost, which is then reused as fertilizer in the fields. Boxes are made from recycled materials and the corks come from certified sustainable companies.

Equally inspirational is the company’s approach to their staff. Emiliana’s workers are guaranteed a fair wage and offered scholarships to provide them with professional development opportunities. They are taught how to handle organic gardens and are furnished with land to grow their own organically cultivated fruit and vegetables for family consumption. This comes with the necessary training and tools to create their own future micro-enterprises producing honey, olive oil, wool and hats. Emiliana also distribute land to their workers to apply for government housing programs and improve family housing conditions.

Small wonder, then, that this innovative and forward-looking winery was judged The World’s Most Admired Wine Brand in 2018. Generously priced for easy consumption, these are great wines: stylish, expressive, fragrant and delightfully approachable.
Oak-Lite: Lean, Mean and Minerally Inclined
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At Emiliana along with the organic and biodynamic practices, the team work to protect biodiversity with a wide range of animals and plants. Encouraging the coexistence of different species within each of the vineyards. Alongside alpacas, horses, cows, birds, chickens, and sheep you see Native flora and fauna.

Organic Orchard

As part of Organic training for the team at Emiliana. Everyone working on site is encouraged to plant and grow their own vegetables. These are then there’s to take home to their families. Understanding how much better vegetables taste when they are grown organically gives aids in the implementing these practices into the vineyards.

Cover Crops

Crops are grown between the vines in the vineyards, these are referred to as Cover Crops. The benefits of growing these crops includes avoiding erosion, improving soil fertility, and attracting beneficial insects. The cover crops also naturally provide nitrogen and nutrients to the soil. The beauty of the crop a sign of a healthy vineyard. These are an integral part of the organic practices of attracting insects and preventing them from attacking the vines.

The vineyard soils

The soil in which the vine is growing, and its health are very important. The soils provide the nutrients and the microorganisms that allow the development of the vines. Which in term produce the grapes that are crafted into wines. Organically managed soils with lots of compost and organic matter allow bacteria and fungi to grow abundantly and contribute to carbon capture. This avoids its release into the atmosphere offering a concrete solution to climate change.

Biodymanic Calendar

Emiliana are a certified Biodynamic producer. Considered globally as the blenchmark. Biodynamic practices are worked to a Biodynamic Calendar. Through this the vines are exposed to and moulded by the forces that come not only from deep within the Earth, but also from the sky. Light from the sun, the moon and the planets with their cycles and rhythms; each of these cycles affects plant life differently, contributing to a particular and specific form of growth and development. By understanding these cycles and their influences, the different activities and agricultural tasks are timed to ensure they improve the quality of the vines they grow.

Biological corridors

Not all land at Emiliana is dedicated to vines. Quite the opposite in fact. This is a winery that understands the whole eco system. Creating biological corridors that include trees, plants, and flowers. With an aim for these to be native to the area. This ensures they are naturally adapted to the climate and water conditions of each vineyard. These corridors increase biodiversity, both in terms of vegetation and of beneficial insects, birds, and other animals.

Social Responsibility at Emiliana

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