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As imported wine started to flow into New Zealand in the early 80's, Glengarry led the charge. Jumping into Bordeaux as far back as 1985, we have been blazing that trail ever since, in the process accumulating a wealth of experience and understanding as to what, and what not, to do. Over the years we have put in the hard-yards to search out the greatest fine wines from all corners of the world. Whilst we continue to be the leading importer of Bordeaux into New Zealand,our range encompasses far more.We are delighted to be able to welcome you to this extensive collection, all neatly catalogued in this comprehensive Glengarry Fine Wine Catalogue and for sale on our website. You'll find the Fine Wine displayed along with the rest of our range through the website.

Fine Wine Cellars and Fine Wine Shipping - Our Jervois Road, Victoria Park, Khyber Pass and Thorndon stores all house beautifully fitted out, temperature controlled cellars to ensure the best possible conditions for the storing of our fine wine stocks. We import all our fine wine in refrigerated containers and the strict conditions in our cellars then continue the process, meaning every bottle you purchase has been treated with the utmost care and shipped and stored in the best possible environment.

Fine Wine Team

The breadth and depth of experience here is astounding, from those, like Liz Wheadon, who travel the globe meeting with our suppliers, through to the immensely knowledgeable front liners like Phil Rowe and Meredith Parkin in Wellington, Regan McCaffery and Zane Winskill in Auckland. There's no shortage of personality here, either- these guys pass on their wisdom with knowledge, passion, personal anecdotes and humour.

Fine Wine Producers

Because we have been importing fine wine for nearly thirty five years we have developed and maintained excellent relationships with some of the best producers in Europe. Being allocated the rarest of wines not only reflects the strength of our relationships, it offers you the opportunity to purchase wines that are simply not available elsewhere. You can view our current direct-from-Bordeaux offerings here.

En Primeur 2019

Ever wanted to buy Bordeaux, but not sure where to start? The 2019 vintage is about to be sold En Primeur in April, which is a great way to start your collection. To find out more visit our En Primeur website. Our knowledge will not only ensure you the best Bordeaux in your cellar, you can purchase with complete confidence from Glengarry.

Fine Wine Events

Throughout each year we hold a vast array of fine wine tastings, dinners and events. All the details are on our Fine Wine Events page here

Just off the boat

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