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Glengarry Thorndon

Address: 53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon
Phone: (04) 473 1637
Store Manager:   Phil Rowe

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The flagship Glengarry store in Wellington is located in Thorndon at 53 Hutt Rd. It contains a great space for wine tastings, purpose-built to host large events for up to 60 people. The beer fridge boasts an extensive selection of craft beers. There is, too, a decent-sized fine wine cellar stocked it with the largest range of premium fine wines from around the world that Wellington has ever seen. And as for the shelf space, it's massive, with ample room to accommodate our full range of premium wines and spirits. The friendly and knowledgeable team is headed up by Phil and Meredith, and they'll happily attend to all your vinous needs.




This is an in-store tasting at Glengarry Thorndon so no need to book, just pop on down to the store and try some beers from 3-5.30pm.

When:  3:00pm Friday 22 June
Where: Glengarry Thorndon, 53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon

Seat Price Free of Charge

As you've probably noticed, this month is all about Australia. Tonight is about going all out, at the real high end of the market. We will be presenting an exciting selection of 8 new special wines, most of which have never been seen in New Zealand before. We will be covering a range of varieties, all made in very small quantities, often from extremely old vineyards. We'll be starting with the House of Arras EJ Carr Late Disgorged Methode Traditionelle. Made in Tasmania this is the most expensive sparkling wine in Australia. Followed by one of their finest Chards for over 30yrs, the Eileen Hardy Chardonnay 2015. Then we taste two interesting varieties. Hewitson Old Garden Mourvedre 2013, from the oldest Mourvedre vineyard in the world planted 1853. Followed by some mere 81yr old Clare Valley vines, in the Kilikanoon Kelly 1932 Grenache 2013. Two fine Cabernet Sauvignon are up next, Kilakanoon Tregea Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, and the long awaited arrival in NZ of the Grant Burge Barossa Shadrach Cabernet Sauvignon 2010. We finish with two wines from Australias most famous grape. The Kaesler Alte Reuban Shiraz 2013 from an vineyard in Marananga planted 1899. Then the rare Hewitson Mother Vine Monopole Shiraz 2015, a clonale selection from a single ancient 1853 Shiraz vine. Forget all you think you know about Australian wines, these will blow you away.

When:  6:00pm Wednesday 27 June
Where: Glengarry Thorndon, 53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon

Seat Price $65.00

I was thinking the other day about New Zealand Chardonnay and how it is more popular than it has ever been and wondering what was the best Kiwi Chardonnay made. Then of course what follows from a thought is a good idea….a road trip tasting! I have managed to gather together 8 Chardonnays from 8 different locations around New Zealand. Some of the wines are iconic and will be very familiar to you and they have stood the test of time. But there will be a couple of new wines that you haven't tried and one from a location that is in an area that one wouldn't expect.

When:  6:00pm Wednesday 4 July
Where: Glengarry Thorndon, 53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon

Seat Price $50.00

For our Malt Club this month, we'll take a slightly different turn, to a warmer climate and to where heart of the spirit is held, the Caribbean Islands. That's right, we're doing a Rum tasting. You don't necessarily need to be a regular Rum drinker to enjoy this evening. The Rums we'll be tasting are more akin to premium spirits. Let Jak's nephew Tonci show you the world of Rum; using a snifter glass to travel South America and the Caribbean Islands in search of their favourite 'kill-devil'. From Guyana to Barbados and Cuba to Venezuela; they have the key producers covered. Seats are expected to go fast, so be in quick!

When:  6:00pm Thursday 5 July
Where: Glengarry Thorndon, 53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon

Seat Price $25.00

The last Gin tasting we had was great, so great in fact that I have decided to run them every two months. There are so many Gins coming on the market it is not hard to find something interesting to try. For this tasting I thought that we would take an International approach and look at some of the Gin being produced around the world. A lot of these are very small producers and all have their own story and of course their own recipe.

When:  6:00pm Thursday 12 July
Where: Glengarry Thorndon, 53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon

Seat Price $55.00

The Gros family established themselves in Burgundy in 1830, a long time when you think that New Zealand was just being settled. Today Michel continues the legacy that was started from his ancestors, the creation of fine Burgundy. Michel is a modest man but does express himself through his wines. His wines are elegant and every wine that he produces expresses its origin. I have chosen four sites for this tasting and will do an older vintage and a more recent vintage.

When:  6:00pm Wednesday 18 July
Where: Glengarry Thorndon, 53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon

Seat Price $85.00

Just because it is winter it should not mean that we have to stop drinking champagne. On the contrary, we feel as if we should be drinking champagne to ward off the chill of winter. We have put together a fine array of rose champagnes that are sure to cheer you up. We will be doing some of the well-known houses, as well as a Vintage and a Grower for good measure.

When:  6:00pm Wednesday 25 July
Where: Glengarry Thorndon, 53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon

Seat Price $55.00

St Hallett has been producing fine wines since it was established in 1944. All of the fruit used in every bottle is grown, made and matured in the Barossa with some of the fruit coming from some of the oldest vineyards in the world. No one knows the Barossa Valley better than Stuart Blackwell, who has been making wine there for over 40 years. Now senior winemaker of St Hallett, he has a deep understanding of the rich tapestry of site and climatic variances in the Barossa, but also an appreciation of the importance of both dedicated growers and ‘old vine’Shiraz. Tonight he will be leading us through a fantastic tasting of their range, including three new wines to NZ. We will be tasting; St Hallet Gameskeepers Shiraz 2015, Gameskeepers Cabernet 2015, Faith Shiraz 2016, Black Clay Shiraz 2016, Butchers Cart Shiraz 2016, Reward Cabernet 2015, Blackwell Shiraz 2014, and the famed Old Block Shiraz 2013.

When:  6:00pm Wednesday 1 August
Where: Glengarry Thorndon, 53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon

Seat Price $25.00

The Scholss Vollrads Estate is one of the oldest wineries in the world, growing from the unique terroir of this very special vineyard fopr 900 years. Riesling is the unisputed king of this region comprising of 100% of their production. We are fortunate to have the chief winemaker and managing director Dr Rowald Hepp with us for the evening to showcase these incredible expressions of the variety.

When:  6:00pm Thursday 2 August
Where: Glengarry Thorndon, 53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon

Seat Price $55.00

It's that time of the year, when our temperature controlled shipping containers arrive from France. We've been importing direct from Bordeaux since the famed 1982 vintage, and this year we have three of them packed to the roof with some of the finest red wines in the world. This will be an epic tasting event, with over 50 different Bordeaux to try. Walk around at your own pace and explore some of the great regions of Bordeaux, starting with the Cabernet Sauvignon dominant left bank areas of the Medoc like Margaux, Pauillac, St Julian, and St Estephe. Then to the right bank, and the dark rich Merlot blends from St Emilion and Pomerol. There will also be some of the beautiful rare dry whites produced from Sauvignon Blanc and Semillion, and of course the incredible sweet wines from Sauternes and Barsac to finish. We will have wines open all the way from $15 to $200 a bottle, so there is plenty to explore at every price range. Bordeaux to enjoy now as well as ones to put aside for retirement! Our staff will be there to talk you through the bottles and help with your Bordeaux education, this will be a stunning tasting not to be missed!

When:  6:00pm Wednesday 15 August
Where: Glengarry Thorndon, 53 Hutt Rd, Thorndon

Seat Price $50.00


RUBEN - Ruben is the friendly delivery driver working out of our Thorndon store. Hailing from Spain, Ruben loves a bold red but is always willing to try something new.

PHILIP - Glengarry Legend. Wine Expert. Funny Man.

SOPHIE - Prior to joining the Glengarry team, Sophie was studying winekmaking in Marlborough. She loves Riesling and Champagne.

CLARE - Clare has been at Glengarry for a few years, but is still enjoying continuing to learn about wine. She loves a good Chardonnay, but would never say no to any style of Riesling on a summers afternoon

LOIS - Lois became interested in wine after living in Central Otago and is always a friendly face at Thorndon's tasting events. She enjoys aromatics and anything Spanish.

MARCEL - He's the token tall man. After many years of working from home and looking after his children, he re-entered the real world to reacquaint with his past love for wine. He appreciates a good bordeaux, a buttery chard, and a smooth whiskey.

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