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Easy-to-make cocktails are just a click away! Are you a gin person? Perhaps a rum aficionado? Is sparkling wine your thing?

We have it all covered: You start off by selecting your preferred base – vodka, gin, rum, bubbles – and we’ll make a few suggestions based on your choice and put them into cocktail kits.

Then click on your selected kit and we’ll dispatch it, to your desired destination. Within these pages you’ll find some tasty examples from our range. We don’t include the fresh ingredients – the mint leaves, the fruit, etc. – because they need, of course, to be fresh.

Silver Blueberry Mojito COCKTAIL RECEIPE


50ml Mount Gay Silver Barbados Rum
1 doz fresh blueberries
A few bunches of fresh mint
The juice of 1 lime
Soda water or sparkling mineral water


Add sugar, lime juice and blueberries to a tall glass and muddle well.
Add mint and a touch of soda.
Stir well to extract all flavour but keep mint leaves intact.
Half fill glass with ice and add Mount Gay Silver Rum.
Stir lightly, top glass with ice and add a touch more soda.
Garnish with fresh mint and blueberries.



To build a cocktail is to mix the ingredients in the glass in which the cocktail is to be served, floating one on top of the other. Hi ball, long fruit juice and carbonated mixed cocktails are typically built using this technique. Where possible a swizzle stick should be put into the drink to mix ingredients after being presented to the customer. Long straws are excellent substitutes when swizzle sticks are unavailable.

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