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Wolf Blass and fellow winemaker John Glaetzer together revolutionised red and white wine production in Australia. From the outstanding regions of the Eden, Barossa and Clare Valleys, Wolf Blass source their wines which have consistently won medals.

The Wolf Blass portfolio of wines are, as always, of exceptional quality, consistency and full of character. In 1999, Wolf Blass wines amassed a staggering 19 trophies and 49 gold medals on the rigorous Australian Show circuit. Included in these fine results was an unprecedented fourth Jimmy Watson trophy for the Wolf Blass Black Label.

These are the finest show results Wolf Blass has enjoyed for many years and results from the commitment made by their winemakers some time ago to ensure that the wines of Wolf Blass were not merely maintained from vintage to vintage, but developed and improved.
Barossa Valley, Australia
Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon
About the Winemaker

Chris Hatcher

Chris is considered one of Australia's leading winemakers and a highly respected wine show judge across the globe. His attention to detail in the winery and the tasting room has helped produce the quality, consistency and character that Wolf Blass is renowned for.

Growing up in Adelaide, Chris knew he wanted to be a winemaker from a very young age. He can't quite pinpoint why. His father was a strict Methodist and there was never any wine in the house. For Chris, it was more about obtaining what you could not have. In 1974 Chris completed a Science Degree at the University of Adelaide in South Australia before studying winemaking at Charles Sturt University in NSW. After working at Orlando and Kaiser Stuhl in the Barossa Valley and the Simi Winery in California, Chris joined Wolf Blass Wines in December 1987. For the next 10 years, Chris was the Senior Winemaker responsible for Wolf Blass whites and sparklings. In that decade, Chris made 39 trophy and 218 gold medal-winning wines. He was also responsible for steering the success of the Wolf Blass white wine range, which ultimately set the groundwork for our export success.

In 2008, Chris insisted that Wolf Blass Black Label be entered into a blind tasting competition against 30 of the most iconic wines in the world, some costing upwards of $2,000 a bottle. Many thought, against such distinguished company, that it was a crazy idea. But as it turned out, against the world's best our Black Label received an almost perfect score – which only told Chris there was still room for improvement.


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