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The Secret Shelf. What is it? Why are the wines to be found there lurking in the shadows? Cruising the edges of town late at night in search of the bottom line? Undertaking covert missions to who knows where? Walking the wire on just the other side of safe? We don’t have those answers. Or do we? Perhaps we’re just not allowed to tell you. Perhaps these wines have very good reasons for keeping their identities to themselves. Perhaps they’re wines of nobility that have fallen on hard times, lost their family fortunes while living it up in the chic clubs and casinos along the French Riviera, and now they just need the dosh. Or maybe they move across the globe as international agents, looking for wealth and courting danger, occasionally coming unstuck, forced to return home to lick their wounds and sell off their expensive plunder at giveaway prices.

Is any of this true? We couldn’t possibly say. What we can say is that we know people who know people, so wherever there is a secret deal going down, you’ll find a Glengarry team decked out in black ninja attire, hoovering up the evidence before making off with the booty. That’s right. We’re connected. And because you know us, so are you. Just stick with us, kid, and who knows what outrageous windfalls might be coming your way. We’ll slip you a note and meet you on The Secret Shelf. Quietly now.


The Secret Shelf
Volume | 750ml

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