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TAHA came about through experimenting with kawakawa, a native plant that grows wild in many parts of New Zealand. Kawakawa has been used for its medicinal benefits by the indigenous people (Māori) for hundreds of years. The kawakawa is wild harvested by hand from within New Zealand's native forests. When harvesting we always start with a karakia (incantation) to thank the guardian of the forest Tāne Mahuta for the treasures provided by Papatūānuku (the earth mother). Kawakawa leaf is used as a blood purifier, for skin ailments and is good for the heart (note the leaf is heart shaped). It is also a popular treatment for colds and influenza.We combine the kawakawa with two other tasty ingredients, ginger and mānuka honey flavouring extract. We then add dual-filtered New Zealand water filtering it through UV and Charcoal filtering systems. TAHA is now ready for you to enjoy.We often get asked what TAHA means. We say the word TAHA has a number of meanings including; to belong, side and edge. We've infused these meanings into our name by saying that "TAHA belongs to Aotearoa-New Zealand, its ingredients work side-by-side to bring you this drink from the edge".


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