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Tradition, heritage and quality make Santiago de Cuba an award winning rum! Santiago is the largest and most historic distillery in Cuba, producing 9,000,000 litres annually. The flavours of the rums come from the region's unique climate, an authentic high quality distillation process and selection of the world's best sugar cane. The heavenly fruit and spice notes in Santiago de Cuba rum is a result of the ageing process in selected oak barrels.
Master Ronero

Tranquilino Palencia Estruch

Tranquilino Palencia Estruch called "Tano", was born 65 years ago in Santiago de Cuba. The strong feeling of belonging to the land of his family develops in him a profound historical-cultural sense that will make him a ' tireless scholar of the history of the city of Santiago de Cuba and tradition ronerastrongly rooted in it.

Starting in 1983 he will devote soul and body to discover the secrets of the roneraindustry , deepening his technical and scientific knowledge at the Ron Santiago de Cuba Factory and the Don Pancho Ship: the Ron Ligero Cradle since 1862. In 2003 is named Maestro Ronero from Corporacion Cuba Ron SA , as a recognition of the work done in support of the development of the culture and tradition of the rum of Santiago de Cuba, an expression of the culture and history of the city itself.

Master Tano is the author of the great products of the Ron Santiago de Cuba line, starting with Carta Blanca, a real treasure of Cuban rum, up to the aged ages of 11, 12, 20 and 25. Maestro Tano conceived in these products the utmost expression of the best reserves of the Cuban Ron Ligero , kept in the legendary Don Pancho Ship .


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