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Even today, there remains a lingering presence of the original Bohemian settlers in Puhoi's general store, along the Puhoi river and at the Puhoi Pub. This is a place where nothing is rushed and things are done well, with an appropriate amount of honest effort and a healthy helping of humour. The important stuff. The name Puhoi means slow or unhurried water, which pretty much sums things up.

The Puhoi locals behind this beer thought to themselves, 'Puhoi is a pretty good village really and deserves a pretty good beer.' So they made made one. While you could drive languidly north and enjoy a pint in Puhoi itself (a fabulous idea, you really should do it some time), you can now find it here in our Glengarry stores.

Inspired by the original Bohemian settlers of Puhoi, Puhoi Beer is an award-winning version of the classic Czech pilsner, a crisp, refreshing tipple with a generous character that celebrates the original old school Bohemian ethos of hard work, pioneering spirit, love of community and a hankering for fun.

But let's hear from the Puhoi people themselves: 'Whether our hard-earned thirsts might be on the footy field, helping a mate build a deck, or pulling in a few big, fat snapper, we raise a glass to those who gave us our beautiful village and even more beautiful beer by stopping and savouring all that’s good in the world.'

Amen to that.


Volume | 330ml

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