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Paul 'The Palate' Henry is back, and he has found his second calling after the ungodly early starts of his former life in broadcasting. Paul has teamed up with the boys at Invivo, known for producing Graham Norton’s Own wines with Graham, to bring you his second vintage of Paul Henry's Own Pinot Noir. Paul's second stint at the blending bench has created a unique blend that features Central Otago Pinot Noir grapes from four of Invivo’s top growers.

“My last wine was world class but I wanted more Paul Henry in this wine, and it doesn’t disappoint. This is a very smooth Pinot Noir – as good as the last one – but better. You could be filing for bankruptcy and if you had a glass of this wine in your hand, you’d have to pause and think that life’s not too bad.” - Paul Henry
Paul Henry

Paul Henry with Invivo

Paul sees himself as bit of a wine buff, so Invivo taught him about the blending process, then sat him down at the blending bench and said 'go for it!'. The whole experience was filmed by Invivo to give the public a glimpse of Paul’s winemaking.
Of the wine he has blended, Paul says, 'we have found perfection!'.
'It looks bloody fantastic, it’s got a great nose and it is very, very flavoursome..' 'The advantage was my superior palate as I was able to distinguish the key selling points and king hits from each one (vineyard).'
'I’ve been in training for this for years, most recently fine tuning my expertise by specialising in reds, particularly Pinot Noir. My blend features a unique mix of Pinot Noir grapes from four of Invivo’s top Central Otago growers in Bannockburn and Gibbston Valley.'
On the final tasting after the wine had been bottled at Invivo's Te Kauwhata winery, Paul commented, 'You have got to buy this wine, it’s amazing!'
Tim Lightbourne from Invivo adds 'Like Paul, we’re sure his wine will raise eyebrows, divide opinions and get people talking well into the evening. Instead of getting up people’s nose, he is slipping down their throat!'



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