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Patron Tequila is created at the spectacular Hacienda del Patron located in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Patron is an advocate for clean, wastage-free, eco-friendly industries. Over 60 people will handle a single bottle of Patron before it is shipped off.

Patron is the world's leading exporter of 100% Agave tequila, but they still produce in small batches to ensure high quality. All Patron's bottles are individually hand-made from recycled glass.
Master Distiller

francisco alcaraz

Alcaraz studied chemical engineering at the University of Guadalajara then went to work as an inspector for an organization that was sort of a precursor to the CRT, the tequila regulatory commission. After that he went to work in a distillery and as a tequila consultant.

Alcaraz developed the recipe for Patron at the distillery Siete Leguas (another brand still producing delicious tequila), where Patron was made from 1989 until 2002 before building their own distillery. Siete Leguas had both the traditional tahona (a giant grinding stone that crushes baked agave before fermentation and distillation) and a mechanical shredder (roller mill) that accomplishes the same thing, though these produce tequila with different flavors (and the topic incites long tequila nerd arguments). Patron uses a combination of tahona-crushed and shredded agave in its recipe.

Alcaraz says he doesn't drink tequila out of the Riedel Tequila Glass not because it's not good, but because it's too good. He says it makes tequila taste better than it is. "If there is something wrong I want to taste it!" he said.


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