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MOMENT OF IMPACT WINES ESTABLISHED 2012 Life is measured in moments.Moi Wines provides a locally made, focal point, artisan wine. The aim is to bring people together for those special moments while cherishing the Auckland terroir in the form of small batch premium wines. "Yes, "moi" is the french translation for "me" but Moi Wines is not all about me. M O I is an acronym for "Moment of Impact" which is what I believe the wine should provide on the palate upon first sip. I want to make a positive impact in this world and wine is one way I know how to do that. Watch this space to how that impact will grow and evolve."- RenéeGrown locally, produced locally, sold locally and supporting local business restaurant partners, we ARE local."These wines are my opportunity to express my creativity and in turn the terroir of my home in Auckland. Make sure you cherish these wines with good food, and even better company."- Renée
Tamaki Makaurau , West Auckland
MOI is an acronym for
About the Winemaker

Renee Dale

"Impact is defined as: the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another / a marked effect or influence.My memory is not the greatest and I doubt I'll ever become a Master of Wine because I can never remember the names of all my family members let alone wine producers and obscure appellations. I'm a practical girl and I learn through experience and action. BUT we all have moments in our lives where something so powerful happens that the finer details and subtleties of that moment never leave our memory.I personally believe these moments are a culmination of many factors. The wines I make are intended to add to these moments; add to the food; add to the ambience - not to take away. The moment when the wine transforms on your palate and completely opens up with the food you're eating is fleeting; one that is never forgotten, forever chased and best shared. All of my most memorable wines were made unforgettable by the event, the food and more importantly the people I shared it with. Moi Wines is my vehicle for me to give all that I am to positively impact the world in more ways than one, so... [ Watch this Space ]-Renee"


Moi Wines
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