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Our Blanc de Blanc is christened in our mother’s native tongue for her first granddaughter, Tulia, which in Finnish means a small and gentle breeze. Valhalla Chardonnay is named after the shining and golden hall in Norse mythology where the souls of fallen warriors feasted with the gods; Valhalla is also the name of the depot ship that supplied the Royal Navy Motor Launch our grandfather commanded during WWI. Exiled Pinot Gris is named in tribute to Napoleon’s final place of exile where he was banished after his defeat at Waterloo. While Gravestone Sauvignon Semillon alone takes its name from the fluted basalt boulders that solemnly surround the hilltops of Man O’ War.

Our Ironclad Cabernet Franc Merlot blend is labelled in honour of the 19th century warships characterised by the iron armour bolted onto their wooden hulls. Emulating the new class of “fast” battleship that was blessed with an intoxicating combination of elegance and power; Warspite. This is our Cabernet Franc Merlot Malbec blend from Ponui Island, which is designated for the graceful power of the Royal Navy’s “Grand Old Dame”.

Dreadnought Syrah is named after the first in a line of 20th century battleships which was bestowed with the motto “fear god and dread nought” and embodied a supreme combination of speed and power. Bellerophon Syrah Viognier is christened in honour of the heroic demi-god astride an immortal winged-horse; Bellerophon designates both a new class of Dreadnoughts, and the first blend of Syrah and Viognier from our volcanic hillside vineyards.
Fat Cats: Big, Bold and Butterscotch
Gold Medal Winner
Medium Sweet - Pinot Gris & Riesling Styles
About the Winemaker

Duncan McTavish

Duncan’s heart and soul, and enormous talent, are all reflected in each of the extraordinary wines he crafts at Man O’ War. Of singular personality they are indeed the “definitive translation of our land”. The inaugural graduate of the Viticulture and Oneology degree program at Lincoln University in 1998, Duncan spent the following 3 years working harvest for some of the best producers in Burgundy, Germany, California, Australia and New Zealand. This apprenticeship culminated in 2001 when he landed a job with one of New Zealand’s greatest wine producers, the Waipara Valley’s inimitable Pegasus Bay. After nearly 4 years under the wing of Pegasus, Duncan left to develop his own winemaking ideas at Waipara Springs until 2008, when we were fortunate enough to entice him north to Man O’ War. He now makes his home on Waiheke living above Onetangi Beach with his partner Vanessa, son Tommy and baby daughter.


Volume | 750ml
Volume | 750ml
Volume | 750ml

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