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Lost and Found wines was established in 2019 when all the planets aligned to create a wine worth the journey to find. Hidden vineyards, off the beaten track, have been selected to grow fruit that tells the tales of the season and the land from which it was grown.

Created by friends with a mission to:
- create amazing wines from great places
- explore uncharted territory
- celebrate the journey

You wont find tasting notes on our bottles, nor do we submit our wines to competitions. We’re crafting these wines for you, our customer, and it’s what you think of our wines that matters most.

The vineyard:
Bedded on the shoreside in warm volcanic soils, and nurtured by a cool climate, our vines look across the Hauraki Gulf. Digging deeper, you’ll find that this vineyard has a secret - it sits atop a major fault line; extreme beauty created by a rocky past. The Uncharted Syrah and Uncharted Island Red Cabernet Blend are from some of the earliest planted vines on Waiheke.

2019 vintage:
The 2019 vintage on Waiheke Island is considered in the same class as other great vintages, 2010, 2013, 2015. Producing the Lost and Found “Uncharted” reds in only the best vintages, we were chuffed that this was our inaugural year! Long dry growing season with low cropping, sundrenched grapes right through harvest. One for the ages, and conducive to wines with serious body and longevity.

Note from proprietor, Tom Morton:
“Wine is a testament to a time and place. It tells stories of its environment, the year and the people. Countless experiences with my own family and friends are punctuated and remembered by the wine which we shared, and I am wanting to create more of these experiences for our customers. Lost and Found has been created for you in the hope that you, like me, find the exploration and celebration in one of life's great pleasures.“
Winemakers: Mike + Heinrich

Mike Wood and Heinrich Storm, renown Waiheke winemakers, are the crafters of the Lost and Found “Uncharted” collection. With a combined experience of Waiheke Island, it made sense to see what two best mates could achieve when putting their talents together. From pristine vineyard management, through to selection of oak, these two maestros have proven that friendship and excellence go hand-in-hand with great wine.


Lost And Found
Volume | 750ml
Volume | 750ml

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