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George Duncan and Waimatao Familton ventured overseas after uni. With Canadian working holiday visas in hand, they were off, but not without making a vital detour involving a van, 22,000km, 50 US states, campfire dinners and the sampling of local brews. To this day, Waimatao continues to rave about Sierra Nevada Pale Ale ('Only $20 a dozen!'). Eventually, George and Waimatao made it to Canada.

Their memories of America sowed a seed which sprouted into the aspiration to have their very own microbrewery. The duo eventually returned to George’s home town of Paraparaumu with another dream, one of starting their own family. A compromise had to be made, which turned out to be quite an easy one: why choose at all? And like clockwork, Duncan’s Brewing Company was opened just down the road, a commute most city folk can only dream of.

Recipes are explored and critiqued, sometimes using American hops - an homage to the inspirational trip. The experimental side has also grown, with Duncan's Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Sour rated 2nd by thirsty patrons at Beervana 2019.


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