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Beau Joie is a new Champagne with a unique image. Encased in a 100% copper armor, Beau Joie is both beautiful and environmentally friendly (the copper is recycled). The perfect gift or party piece. Inspired by the armor that that the knights wore to protect the Kingdom of France and the copper roofs of Paris. The only Champagne where “innovation drives function design” Handmade copper Suit of Armor acts as grip for pouring, rubber thumb grip in punt of bottle, each SKU has a different “suit of armor” Patented design. The Estate is situated in Epernay, the heart of the Champagne region, and was founded in 1972 by Charles Ellner, a professional riddler who had been buying his own vineyards on the side and making small production champagnes for a small but dedicated clientele. Since then, Charles Ellner has grown to become a worldwide esteemed family-owned brand. In the hands of the fourth generation, the house now encompasses more than 54 hectares of vineyards, mainly in Valle de la Marne and Région de Sézanne, producing only about 1,000,000 bottles annually with their own styles, flavors and consistency in quality. Seventy percent of their production is domaine, whereas the other thirty percent is purchased in grapes (not juice, a big difference) through very stringent selection, and long-term grower relationships.
60% Pinot Noir 40% Chardonnay


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