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In the remote northwest corner of the Yunnan province, lies Deqin county, a hidden paradise among the Himalayan Mountains near the legendary city of Shangri-La. The vineyards are located in Adong, Xidang, Sinong and Shuori, just below the sacred Meili Mountain at altitudes varying from 2’200 to 2’600 metres, to allow the Cabernet Sauvignon to give its finest expression of a unique terroir. Discover Ao Yun, the pride of the clouds.

Maxence Dulou

Born and raised in le Sauternais, Maxence Dulou was initiated into the classical Bordeaux techniques of winemaking and vineyard management at the University of Bordeaux. After graduating in 2001 with a National Oenology Diploma (DNO), he joined a Bordeaux-based oenology laboratory. He was then recruited as the head of a South African oenology laboratory. His next move took him to Burgundy where he wanted to challenge his Bordeaux skills. This enabled him to become winemaker for a familyowned property in Chili in 2003. Then he also had the opportunity to work directly under Michel Rolland ’s management before moving back to France in 2005. That is when he joined Saint Emilion Château Quinault, where he was responsible for both winemaking and viticulture. The Château was acquired in 2008 and its management was handed over to the Château Cheval Blanc team. While learning the excellences technique of Cheval Blanc, Maxence took up studies again in parallel to become an agronomic engineer. Maxence accepted the challenge to move with his family to the breathtaking region of Shangri-La in 2013. Beginning 2015 he was appointed Estate Manager.


Volume | 750ml

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