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The 8Water brand is the fine creation of three mates Alex, Des, and Raval. It all started with their after work banter and food meet-ups. It dawned on them that their nightly coffees and sugar loaded fizzy‘s probably weren’t the healthiest of choices nor pair at all with the food on the table. They wanted sugar free beverages that paired well with their foods and wasn’t going to put you to sleep on the table. Stripping it back to the bare essence of beverages, they started out with naturally sourced artesian water with an infusion of sparkling and all the good bits inside (minerals). Refreshing burst of bubbles without the guilt! The 8Water range is all locally produced and materials sourced from around the land of Aotearoa. Local businesses working together and supporting eachother with that number 8 wired mentality. Just the way the lads wanted it to be.
Base of the Mamaku Ranges, North Island
About the Winemaker


8Water started in 2017 when three mates Alex, Des, and Raval set out to change beverages as you know it. Bringing you healthy beverages perfectly tailored to your everyday life. Starting with your bare essentials of sparkling and still waters. They’ve come up with a water range to keep you refreshed and ready for the finer things in life.


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