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What started as a winemaking venture in Glengarry Road, Auckland has now developed into New Zealand's largest family-owned liquor retailer, with 17 stores throughout the country. Started by Joseph Jakicevich in 1940 Glengarry was New Zealand's first retailer to hold a liquor licence, importing wine from around the world when we were all still drinking locally made 'hock'. Yip, we like to think we changed the way we all drink. This site is an extension of what we already do, and shows, in bouncy, moving bits our great selection of wines, global beer brands and premium spirits, glassware, accessories and gifts. It's not just product-driven, either- there's a tonne of great information here as well.

The site has been designed and based on feedback from our existing online customers so while we think it looks great, it's intuitive and easy to use. Happy roaming.


The twenty years leading to the end of the 20th century have been the most exciting and progressive not just for the New Zealand wine industry but for Glengarry. In the early eighties the Government finally allowed wine shops to sell imported wines and this gave Glengarry the opportunity to tap into the whole world of wine. Josef's three grandsons (Tony's sons) Jak, Martin and Joe became actively involved in managing the increasing number of wine shops. The third generation of Jakicevich's brought up in a wine culture had a progressive attitude that was very much in tune with the growing number of discerning wine drinkers.

The philosophy that developed (still very much at the centre of Glengarry's operation) is based on providing service, second to none by, knowledgeable retail personnel that can advise and help customers in selecting wines. "Our check-outs and shop floors are manned by people that are passionate about wine. We conduct regular sessions so that our staff can keep abreast of the latest releases and emerging wine styles."   This is underpinned by one of the best and most comprehensive selections of domestic and imported wines in the market. In 1986 the distinguished wine authority Steven Spurrier, a guest judge at the New Zealand Wine Competition, wrote in his much admired book..." One of the best wine merchants in the world is Glengarry in Auckland"

Jak Jakicevich is adamant that quality is what sets Glengarry apart, "We've always gone to a great deal of effort in selecting wines for our stores, Our panel tastes all wines submitted to us from just about everywhere in the world. If they are not up to standard we won't stock them." He is also passionate about sourcing quality wines, "We have been proactive in seeking and introducing new brands that have not previously been imported to New Zealand. We were the first to recognise the potential of Chilean wines and to actively promote them. There's still a lot of great wines out there that haven't been seen in this country. Our challenge is to find them and present them to our customers. The latest foray has been to import a huge range of wonderful Spanish wines." To ensure the integrity of the wines that Glengarry offer the company insists that imported fine wines are shipped in temperature controlled containers.

In the eighties and nineties Glengarry expanded further opening in other Auckland districts and in Wellington and launched New Zealand's first 'wine school' The Glengarry Wine Academy. Since its launch thousands of wine aficionados have graduated from the Academy. The interactive courses are designed to benefit both wine novices and those with advanced wine knowledge by providing a disciplined approach to wine tasting and an understanding of varieties and wine styles.

Introducing new wines and innovative ideas has been a hallmark of Glengarry. By the mid eighties as the number of New Zealand and Australian brands had increased substantially so to provide a benchmark to assist wine drinkers The Glengarry Top 50 (much imitated since) was launched in September 1987. Wine tastings which Glengarry introduced in the sixties are regularly featured in all the stores and serves the purpose of introducing both established and new wine styles to customers from producers from New Zealand, Australia Italy, France, Chile, Argentina the USA and Spain.

By the end of the last decade Glengarry's had evolved into more than a wine specialist to become a lifestyle store offering a selection of fine glassware, wine accessories, a selection of premium cheeses and imported delicacies.

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