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What started as a winemaking venture in Glengarry Road, Auckland has now developed into New Zealand's oldest, and one of the largest, family-owned liquor retailer, with 18 stores throughout the country. Started by Joseph Jakicevich in 1940 Glengarry was New Zealand's first retailer to hold a liquor licence, importing wine from around the world when we were all still drinking locally made 'hock'. Yip, we like to think we changed the way we all drink. This site is an extension of what we already do, and shows, in bouncy, moving bits our great selection of wines, global beer brands and premium spirits, glassware, accessories and gifts. It's not just product-driven, either- there's a tonne of great information here as well.

The site has been designed and based on feedback from our existing online customers so while we think it looks great, it's intuitive and easy to use. Happy roaming.



By the late 1950's legislation was changed to allow wine resellers to sell in quantities of 1 gallon but the catalyst that raised wine sales to new levels was the increase in beer and spirit taxes. The effect on the style of wines being sold however was minimal; the preference was for fortified products.

he greatest influence on the wine industry was liberalisation of the licensing laws. In 1960 restaurants were licensed followed in 1961 by taverns and eventually (and very be-lately) single bottle sales were permitted. At this time winemakers began producing greater quantities of table wines often named after European models, Hock, Moselle, Burgundy and Claret.

Single bottle sales coupled to a greater selection of wines fuelled public interest in table wine and sales surged. In the mid sixties Glengarry initiated the first wine tasting to be conducted by a wine retailer. Peter, Josef's youngest son, who was managing the Jervois Road shop during this period, remembers that on tasting nights the shop would be packed with as many as 200 customers eager to learn about wine.

New Zealand wine tastes were, like the times achanging and the new generation of wine drinkers were much more adventurous. The Beatles were on the radio, constantly, lots of hair and flares were de rigueur and the wine that we were drinking by the case lot was a frivolous sparkling red called Cold Duck, it captured the spirit of that era beautifully. Cold Duck was a flying success and helped to introduce novice wine drinkers to the joys of table wine. 

During the seventies domestic wine production stepped up both in quality and quantity and varietals made from European vinefera varieties became increasingly available. To meet the growing demand for varietal wines Glengarry opened stores in Auckland City and Ponsonby Road.



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