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Italian Wine

Like Spain, the Italian wine industry has seen a revolutionary change in the way they do things, and where there were rivers of competently-made but bland expressions of their natural varieties gushing forth in the 70s and 80s, now there are wines that truly reflect what those unique varieties, and the country's extraordinary terroir, can really do. They've even taken on the trad French varieties and come up grinning- have a look, join the stampede...
  Italian Wine - Glengarry Wine

Italian Wine


Made from Italy’s Lambrusco variety, this is a lightly sparkling, slightly sweet, low-alcohol red sparkler with a soft ...   More>

was $13.99
now $10.99
Tosti Prosecco

Pale and golden straw in color with slight bubbles. Aromas of baked peach, praline, and lemon, with a light-to-medium body. ...   More>

was $17.99
now $13.99
case of 6  $12.99 / unit
Santa Margherita Prosecco Valdobbiadene Docg 375ml
Prosecco Valdobbiadene Docg 375ml

Delicate aromas of spring flowers, peach and pear, with a crunch of zest and a tickle of froth that is utterly charming. A ...   More>

case of 12  $11.99 / unit
Il Prosecco NV

With its roots in Veneto back in 1887, this is a lightly sparkling-style Prosecco with a refreshing crispness; soft, gentle, ...   More>

was $15.99
now $14.99
case of 6  $13.99 / unit
Riparosso Montepulciano 2012

This Illuminati wine spearheaded the Riparosso global success story. Top quality vineyard sites yield expressive savoury ...   More>

was $16.99
now $14.99
case of 6  $13.99 / unit
Soave Classico Doc 2013

One of Italy’s most important white varieties, this fine expression is the native Garganega blended with 20% Trebbiano di ...   More>

Valpolicella Doc V 13

The predominantly Corvina fruit comes from top-rated, low-yield hillside vineyards that are considered to be among the best ...   More>

Il Moscato NV

An off-dry sparkler with stonefruit and floral aromas embellished by grape-ish nuances. The ripe, juicy palate has a creamy ...   More>

Moscato d'Asti Docg

Lush Moscato Bianco grapes from Piedmont’s famed Asti zone engender a beautifully scented bouquet that augments the fruity, ...   More>

was $17.99
now $15.99
case of 6  $14.99 / unit
Rupicolo Castel Del Monte Rosso Doc 2011

Since founding Rivera back in 1950, the De Corato family have been crafting outrageously affordable wines from largely ...   More>

Lapaccio Primitivo Igt 2013

This comes from the Pasqua family’s original home in Salento. Using the full bodied, richly flavoured fruit of Italy’s ...   More>

was $18.99
now $16.99
case of 6  $14.00 / unit
Chianti Docg 2013

Chianti is Italy’s most famous red, and this wine is up there with the best. Medium bodied, full of juicy, plummy fruit ...   More>

was $18.99
now $16.99
case of 6  $15.00 / unit
Montepulciano D' Abruzzo 2013

Softly fresh and rather charming, this is a young, drink-now red sporting delicate aromas of cherry and plum. Rich and ...   More>

Orvieto Classico Doc 2012

This flies out the door, a crisp and aromatic white that was highly popular over summer. With fresh stocks just landed, you ...   More>

case of 6  $15.99 / unit
Violante Nero Di Troia Doc 2010

The native Nero di Troia grown in the DOC of Castel del Monte, born out of a desire to make a drink-now style that wed di ...   More>

Magnum Le Collezioni Sangiovese 2013

While Sangiovese finds its most serious expression in Tuscany as Chianti’s mainstay, here it softens, becoming engagingly ...   More>

Chianti Classico Docg 2011

From the historic heartland of the Chianti Classico zone and classified as top-tier DOCG. Lively cherries, violets and spicy ...   More>

was $24.99
now $19.99
case of 6  $18.99 / unit
Magnum Le Collezioni Merlot 2013

Ruby-red coloured wine, with pleasant fruity aromas and delicate sweet notes, well balanced, soft and round in the mouth. ...   More>

case of 6  $17.99 / unit
Prosecco Doc Brut

Unlike the famous spumante that comes out of Asti, this elegant expression derived from the Valdobbiadene region is produced ...   More>

case of 6  $17.99 / unit
Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Docg NV

Santa Margherita lead the way with their smart proseccos, and their vintage model is a step up, with their impeccable ...   More>

was $24.99
now $19.99
case of 6  $18.99 / unit
Magnum Le Collezioni Montepulciano 2013

The grape variety is Montepulciano, grown in east central Italy’s Abruzzo region. Piercingly fresh fruit flavours lounge ...   More>

case of 6  $17.99 / unit
Vernaccia Di San Gimignano Docg 2012

San Gimignano is a picturesque town in the heart of Tuscany, and this Vernaccia comes from vineyards located around the base ...   More>

case of 6  $17.99 / unit
Ilico Montepulciano Doc 2012

100% Montepulciano, and a small but stately step up from their top-selling Riparosso. More structured from extended time in ...   More>

Nira Nero d'Avola 2012

With an ability to ripen without roasting and retain acidity at the same time, this variety is well suited to Sicily’s ...   More>

was $21.99
now $19.99
case of 6  $18.99 / unit
Vernaccia Di San Gimignano Docg 2013

San Gimignano is one of those picturesque Tuscan villages that you see on postcards, and this Vernaccia comes from vineyards ...   More>

case of 6  $17.99 / unit
Chianti Raffia Basket Docg 2012

Cheap and cheerful used to be the main claim to fame of the raffia basket version of Chianti, but no longer, especially if ...   More>

Passimento Rosso Veneto 2011

Traditional Verona varieties are augmented by a dose of rich, plump Merlot, with the wine passed over the partially dried ...   More>

case of 6  $17.99 / unit
Langhe Arneis Doc 2013

The perfumed Arneis is the most significant of Piedmont’s white indigenous varieties. This offers up crisp mineral notes, a ...   More>

was $24.99
now $21.99
case of 6  $19.99 / unit
Bonizio Igt Toscana 2012

Not at all like the Bonizio Sangiovese that you may have partaken of in the past. Cecchi have upgraded this baby, moving its ...   More>

case of 6  $20.99 / unit
Pinot Grigio 2013

A crisp, dry white with Grigio’s characteristic light hues, this is dazzlingly clean with intense aromas of ripe apples. A ...   More>

was $24.99
now $22.99
case of 12  $19.99 / unit
Chianti Classico 2011

Sangiovese with a dash of Colorino, straight from the beating heart of the Chianti region. Aged in oak for 16 months, it’s ...   More>

Pinot Grigio 2012

A crisp, dry white with Grigio’s characteristic light hues, this is dazzlingly clean, with intense aromas of ripe apples. ...   More>

case of 12  $22.99 / unit
Santa Margherita Prosecco 52 Superiore Valdobidaene Docg
Prosecco 52 Superiore Valdobidaene Docg 2013

A fresh, young, sparkling. Floral, peach and acacia blossoms on the nose with touches of apple and pineapple. Moderately ...   More>

was $29.99
now $24.99
case of 6  $23.99 / unit
Val Delle Rosa Litorale Vermentino 2010

Incubated within the warm coastal climes of Maremma, this is 85% Vermentino fruit with a 15% boost of Sauvignon Blanc. Like ...   More>

Valpolicella La Roverina Doc 2011

This wonderful Ruby-red wine has an intense and ample bouquet, recalling vinous and almond notes. It’s dry, full of flavour ...   More>

Vino Rosso La Nature 2012

Lifted red berry aromatics. Juicy and almost syrupy on the palate with savoury tannins. Funky overtones, vibrant and ...   More>

Triusco Primitivo Puglia Igt 2009

Intense purple in colour; rich nose with aromas of black berry fruit such as blackcurrant and blackberry, over spicy hints ...   More>

Ripasso Valpolicella Doc Black Label 2012

A good value alternative to Amarone, created when the finished Valpolicella is passed over the dried, raisened skins from ...   More>

case of 6  $24.99 / unit
Barbera D Asti Docg 2010

Barbera is the second most-planted variety in Italy (Sangiovese being the first). This fruit was grown in the Commune of ...   More>

Marsala Targa 1840 (500ml)

Bright amber colour with topaz highlights. Marked with clear scents of dates, apricots and stewed prunes. Full, warm, smooth ...   More>

case of 6  $27.99 / unit
Gran Chef Marsala Fine (750ml)

Sicily's contribution to world wine. Regional and componentry restrictions are as severe as Vince 'The Chin' Graziano's ...   More>

case of 12  $27.99 / unit
Vecchio Marsala Superiore (750ml)

Up a rung here, with a minimum alcohol level of 18%, and 2 yrs ageing. Sherry characters of straw attach themselves to an ...   More>

case of 12  $27.99 / unit
Arneis Roero 2010

You’ll swoon when the honeysuckle/acacia florals mix with the invigorating green apple aromas, before enjoying the ...   More>

Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano Docg 2010

Nobile di Montepulciano Cecchi exalts the best characteristics of the Prugnolo Gentile variety of the Sangiovese grape, ...   More>

case of 6  $27.99 / unit
Rosso Piceno Superiore 2011

Bold berry and chocolate aromas. Vanilla, coconut and oak overtones on the palate. Chewy tannins, dense, concentrated and ...   More>

Barbera Nebiollo 2012

Plum and tar notes on the nose are slightly restrained. Unlike the palate which is an expressive combo of chewy tannins and ...   More>

Chianti Classico Riserva 2007

Villa Cerna is Cecchi’s Home Estate, its superior wines constituting their flagship range. Only produced in the best years, ...   More>

Zanna Montepulciano Docg 2007

Single-vineyard wine with a clutch of international awards to its name. There’s a gamey quality to the bright fruit ...   More>

Braccale Rosso 2010

5th-generation Jacopo takes his family’s profound traditions and builds on them, blending the Brunello clone developed by ...   More>

Nebbiolo 2010

The variety behind Barolo is also behind Barbaresco, M. di Grésy being one of its finest producers via their Martinenga ...   More>

Villa Martis 2007

Villa Martis is named for the villa that houses the di Grésy tasting room. A careful blend of 60% Barbera and 40% Nebbiolo ...   More>

Zighidi Pantelleria Passito Liquoroso (500ml) 2010

Sun-dried Muscat grown just off Sicily, the raisin-like aromas mixing with nutty, musky notes, the viscous, fruity sweetness ...   More>

case of 6  $37.00 / unit
Riserva Di Famiglia Chianti Classico 2010

Wine Spectator, 90/100: "Dark and dense, with plum and ripe cherry flavors that show resin, leather and tobacco notes, this ...   More>

case of 6  $37.99 / unit
Nipozzano Riserva Chianti 2010

Remarkably elegant with bright acidity and superb complexity. Ripe black cherry with a delicate hint of underbrush on the ...   More>

Santa Margherita Prosecco Valdobbiadene Docg Magnum (1500ml)
Prosecco Valdobbiadene Docg Magnum (1500ml)

Delicate aromas of spring flowers, peach and pear, with a crunch of zest and a tickle of froth that is utterly charming. A ...   More>

was $54.99
now $39.99
case of 3  $38.99 / unit
Sassoalloro 2010

Sangiovese Grosso fruit with 14 months of barrel life under its elegant, velvety belt. Violets on the nose, gentle tannins ...   More>

Cuvee Prestige NV

Ca' del Bosco is a distinguished member of the Santa Margherita portfolio. If you were served this blind in a champagne ...   More>

case of 6  $47.00 / unit
San Ponzio Nebbiolo Doc 2007

Nebbiolo is the great grape variety of Barolo, and here it is grown on a single vineyard site, San Ponzio, in the region of ...   More>

Morsi Di Luce Moscato Di Alessandria (500ml) 2008

The bouquet is intense and balanced, with clear scents of apricot, elder blossoms and toasted hazelnuts. Full of flavour ...   More>

case of 6  $47.99 / unit
Amarone Valpolicella Classico 2010

Dried on special racks for about nine months and matured in oak barriques for up to eighteen, this dark ruby Amarone ...   More>

case of 6  $52.00 / unit
Monte Colombo Barbera Di Asti 2007

This has strong and rich typical aromas of blackberries, raspberries and ripe cherries whilst on the palate it has a ...   More>

Bellezza 2006

This is a 100 percent Sangiovese that’s aged in barriques for 16 to 18 months. It shows astonishingly complex aromas and ...   More>

Alleanza 2006

Deep crimson in colour, the flavours echo the aromas and are highlighted by notes of nutmeg, tobacco, anise and cocoa. The ...   More>

Stripe Barolo Serralunga d'Alba 2010

Garnet-red with ruby highlights that take on a slightly orange tone over time in the glass. An intense, clear cut nose with ...   More>

case of 6  $57.00 / unit
Barolo Docg 2007

With Barolo one of the world’s great wines, this is only just beginning to reveal its true stature. Made from star performer ...   More>

case of 6  $57.00 / unit
Stripe Barolo Serralunga d'Alba 2007

Barolo, made from the Nebbiolo variety, has been called both the ‘king of wines’ and the ‘wine of kings’ and it is ...   More>

case of 6  $57.00 / unit
Villa Borghetti Amarone 2009

Ruby red in colour, with lovely fresh aromas of currants and wild cherries and hints of spices and vanilla. On the palate it ...   More>

case of 6  $57.00 / unit
Docg Brut 2007

Made up of 80% Chardonnay, along with equal portions of Pinots Blanc and Noir, and bottle aged for twenty one months prior ...   More>

case of 6  $67.00 / unit
Brunello Di Montalcino Docg 2009

The bold, raisened nose introduces clean, fruit-driven flavours and firm tannins, with waves of black cherry, violet and ...   More>

case of 6  $67.00 / unit
Batie Langhe Nebbiolo Doc 2006

Along with the Monferrato Hills, the Langhe Hills account for 90% of Piedmontese production. Batie is ‘Baptism’ in Italian, ...   More>

Batie Langhe Nebbiolo Doc 2007

'Batie' refers to the growers’ expression that the wine is so good it's 'fit for a baptism'. Aged in both wee barrels and ...   More>

Barolo 2009

Located below the picturesque village of La Morra, this is fragrantly perfumed and easy to understand. Drinks well young, ...   More>

Barolo Vigna La Delizia Lazzarito 2001

You know the Fontanafredda hunting lodge (1878ish) is still functional, so if you fancy some wild boar… which would be ...   More>

case of 6  $87.00 / unit
Barola Serre Docg 2006

Yes, great Barolo can reach stratospheric price heights a la Bordeaux; you just have to know where to look. Two prime sites ...   More>

Barbaresco Martinenga 2008

The Martinenga Barbaresco is a wine which carries an elegance that comes from its vineyards. On the nose, it offers ...   More>

Barolo Cannubi Docg 2007

Intense, layered and concentrated, this is but an infant currently, although offers pre-potential pleasures to the ...   More>

Barbaresco Gaiun Martinenga 2006

Wine Spectator, 94/100: "This red shows breadth and depth to its cherry, plum, licorice, eucalyptus and spice flavors. The ...   More>

Barbaresco Camp Gros 2007

Barbaresco sits alongside Barolo as a superstar of the Piedmont region. From the famed Martinenga Vineyard, the Camp Gros is ...   More>

Preve Barola Riserva Docg 2003

100% Nebbiolo and produced from two vineyards, the two batches of fruit were separately fermented and aged in French oak ...   More>

Pieve Santa Restituta Rennina 2004

Decanter, 16/20: "Good, chunky red fruits, warm and ripe and very Tuscan. Ripe, even quite rich and smooth, oak smooths it ...   More>

Pieve Santa Restituta Sugarille 2004

Decanter, 16/20: "Brooding tight nose of smoke and herbs. Dry, rich, tannic, dark plum and fig fruit and black tea flavours. ...   More>

Solaia Toscana Igt 2004

Robert Parker, 96/100: “The 2004 Solaia is breathtaking, as it so often is. Soaring aromatics lead to a sweet, layered ...   More>

Solaia Toscana Igt 2005

Wine Spectator, 97/100: "This offers gorgeous aromas of blackberry, mineral and flowers follow through to a full body, with ...   More>

Solaia Toscana Igt 2007

Robert Parker, 97/100: “The 2007 Solaia saturates the palate with a heady array of super-ripe black cherries, plums, cassis, ...   More>

Barbaresco Costa Russi 2004

Robert Parker, 95/100: "The 2004 Costa Russi is irresistibly sexy and opulent. As is typically the case, the wine is more ...   More>

Barbaresco Sori San Lorenzo 2004

Robert Parker, 98/100: “The 2004 Sori San Lorenzo is a drop-dead gorgeous wine. It presents awesome balance, especially in ...   More>

Barbaresco Sori Tilden 2004

Robert Parker, 97/100: “Gaja’s 2004 Sori Tildin floats on the palate. It is the most nuanced of these single-vineyard ...   More>

Barolo Docg Romirasco (1500ml) 2004

Ranked among Piemonte's foremost producers, Poderi Aldo Conterno mainly produce Barolo wines. The grapes making up this ...   More>


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